Doing the Advanced Open Water in Tulamben: A Review!

Doing the Advanced Open Water in Tulamben: A Review!

When you think about Tulamben, Bali, you might think about the world-famous USAT Liberty Wreck, incredible snorkeling, and easy dive sites with rewarding experiences around the village. But do you know that the Tulamben is also an excellent diving spot in Bali to get your Advanced Open Water Certification?

The Advanced Open Water certification meant to help you improve your diving skills, so you can begin soon after getting your PADI Open Water Diver certification. Through various Adventure Dives, the course helps you gain confidence and expand your dive skills. Under the guidance of our PADI Instructor, you try out different specialties while gaining expertise. You log dives and improve your skills as you discover new ways to enjoy scuba diving. So, you’ll want to have your Advanced certification in a place where the dive site is reliable but challenging enough to get you beyond the beginner level. That’s why Tulamben is perfect and here’s our experience of getting my Advanced Open Water in Tulamben. Read on!

What to Expect from Advanced Open Water Diving in Tulamben

You studied the fundamentals of scuba diving in Open Water. You will improve your skills and learn how to think and act like a diver in this development course. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can get more experience, continue your diving education, and try out other dive specialties.

Five adventure dives make up the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. The first dive of a specialty course is an adventure dive. With a wide range of PADI specialty courses to choose from, the Advanced Course will introduce you to the vast array of different forms of diving available. In Tulamben, you will have five dives for the Advanced adventures.  The first two are deep dive to thirty meters and an underwater navigation dive, and after completing them then you can choose three dives from PADI’s adventure set.

First: Fun Scuba Diving in the USAT Liberty Tulamben

Fun Scuba Diving in the USAT Liberty Tulamben

The Tulamben’ Liberty shipwreck is the most well-known diving site in this part of Bali. The USAT Liberty wreck was the main attraction for me, so seeing it on my first dive was a dream come true. Because there is so much of the ship to examine, this wreck has really put Tulamben on the map. The Liberty is nearly 400 feet long, and because of its location on a sandy slope, it can be explored at depths ranging from 25 to 100 feet. The 400-foot-long deck, which would normally be festooned with navigational equipment, communications towers, and a spider web of cables, is the most noticeable feature of the Liberty because it was a transport ship. But you don’t have to deal with all of that because the ship was largely dismantled by American forces and Balinese workers, thus the deck is basically safe.

We stayed in the shallow parts for my dive because there was plenty of light from the surface. It was still a really perplexing sensation, and I couldn’t tell which way was up because the ship was standing on its end.

Ps: You can even snorkel here as this Tulamben dive site is very appropriate for beginners!

Second: The Navigational Dive in Tulamben

The next dive in Tulamben is very important and would feel more like a course rather than an adventure. To be a confident diver, you must first learn how to navigate in the strange environment of the underwater—where your landmarks are mostly corals—and keep track of your position. It’s not fun to finish a dive only to realize you’ve wandered a hundred yards from the boat or the beach. To navigate underwater, acquaint yourself with a map of the dive location and pencil in the path you’ll be traveling ahead of time. Only a dive compass and the ability to count are required to follow that path. The compass will tell you which way to go, and counting your flipper kicks will tell you how far you’ve travelled.

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Third: Deep Diving in USAT Liberty Tulamben

Deep Diving in USAT Liberty Tulamben

A dive down to 30 meters is required for the Advanced Open Water course. The deep dive brought us back to the Liberty, and this time we went all the way to the bottom. We didn’t enter the ship this time because it was meant to be a depth training dive. Instead, I concentrated on breathing at 30 meters, which is more difficult than it appears. At that depth, the water pressure is four times higher than at sea level, and you can feel the extra effort required to inhale each breath.

Things can grow a little more perilous during the deep dive. The lower you go, the more issues can occur, including nitrogen poisoning, running out of air (you use it faster at depth), and, most importantly, decompression sickness.

Ask any experienced diver, and they’ll tell you that you don’t even need to travel deep to observe interesting things. The bright coral and exotic fish that divers normally wish to see adore the sun, therefore they like to be at the surface where it is brighter. Diving shipwrecks, which are often deeper than the 18 meters allowed under PADI’s Open Water certification, is the one exception to this restriction.

Fourth: Night Diving

It was time for another first for me, a night dive, around sunset. As usual, our instructor and us suited up on the beach, this time with two dive lights, which are large, extra-bright flashlights that overheat if not submerged. The sun had begun to sink below the horizon by the time we got into the water. It was far more incredible than I could have imagined. We returned to the Liberty wreck, and without the sunshine flowing through its fissures, it appeared unearthly. Colors seemed more vibrant, and whatever I shone my light on stood out against the darkness in stark contrast. We can’t say enough about how much we enjoy night diving!

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Fifth: Underwater Photography

PADI has a variety of specialty courses you can choose for the Advanced Open Water Certification. Those are:

  • Coral Reef Conservation
  • Boat Diver
  • Drift Diver
  • Night Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Altitude Diver
  • Wreck Diving
  • Cavern Diver
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater Videography
  • And many more.

Keep in mind that not all diving centers offer all possibilities, and that availability varies depending on local conditions.

While the dive in USAT Liberty itself can be categorized as wreck diving and it’s quite impossible to have drift diving in Tulamben, we choose Underwater Photography for our last dive! It was wonderful but you can always try fish identification or underwater naturalist that are just equally interesting.

Would you love to have your advanced open water diving in Tulamben?

8 Mistakes People Do When Staying in Bali Villas

8 Mistakes People Do When Staying in Bali Villas

When you are taking a long vacation in Bali especially with family, it’s normal if you prefer to stay at villas than at hotel. Because vacation rentals are meant to feel like a home away from home. However, that doesn’t mean you should treat your villa like your own house. Vacation rental in Bali is essentially a rental property where the owners can bill you some money for any damage you may have done. If you’re not careful, some minor mistakes like forgetting your toiletries is more an annoyance than a damage—but still it would be better if you can avoid such mishaps. So take your notes and avoid these mistakes when you’re staying at a holiday rental in Bali and have a perfect stay!

Assuming All Bali Family Villas are Pet-Friendly

Assuming All Bali Family Villas are Pet-Friendly

Sure, Bali is pet-friendly and you can see dogs and cats strolling around the island. You might also see a lot of foreign travelers (they must be staying at a villa somewhere, right?) taking their dogs for a walk or even for motorcycle ride. However, don’t assume that your villa will be pet-friendly just because others are. Apart from the possibility of causing a mess—especially in an unfamiliar environment—pets can also make individuals with allergies sick, whether the owners or prospective guests, and some villas do not allow dogs. Leave your paw-companion at home unless the rental clearly states that pets are welcome.

Throwing A Party in the Villa without Notifying the Owner

Having more guests on property than are listed in your reservation can result in the loss of your security deposit or a large fine from the vacation rental agency. You might assume there’s no chance you’ll be discovered if the owner lives away, but a noise complaint or report from a neighbor could easily find its way back to your host. Even if you’re staying in a 6 bedroom family villas in Bali that’s meant to accommodate large group, you should always ask permission from the owner first. 

Losing Your Bali Villa Key

Although a lot of real estates in Bali now utilize a lockbox code, if you stay in one that still uses an old-fashioned key, keep it with you at all times. If you’re given more than one key, be sure that each member of your group has one to avoid locking yourself out. Otherwise, if the owner does not reside nearby, you may have to pay for a locksmith to gain access.

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Not Washing the Dishes Before Using Them

Not Washing the Dishes Before Using Them

Staying in a vacation rental rather than a hotel provides you with a fully equipped kitchen. Vacation rentals, unlike hotels, do not have a particular cleaning process to follow. In most cases, the preceding guest is asked to hand-wash the dishes (or loaded into the dishwasher if there is one). And what if the holiday rental didn’t include dish soap? That last visitor may have simply given everything a quick clean and left. To ensure cleanliness, bring some dishwashing detergent (or dish soap and a clean sponge) and thoroughly wash a number of dishes that you will use during your stay.

Not Bringing Your Toiletries from Home

While every rule has an exception, don’t forget to bring your own soap and shampoo. You’ll probably need paper towels and toilet paper while you’re at it. Your stay could cost hundreds of dollars, yet it’s rare to find a home rental that includes toiletries and paper products. If there is shampoo or soap in the bathroom, it could be a beginning kit or something left behind by a former renter. And, while there may be laundry detergent and dish soap beneath the sink, you’ll probably need more than that. Always inquire about these necessities with your host, and it never hurts to have them along just in case.

Filling Up the Fridge Full

You have a kitchen in your house rental, so you can — and should — cook at least a few meals to save money (and, especially right now, avoid unnecessary in-person interactions).

However, be honest with yourself. Don’t bring a ton of perishables for a pot roast, casserole, or meatloaf if you know you’ll be eating out most nights. If you’re unsure what to expect, stay with long-lasting items that won’t spoil and can travel with you back home. Nearly any last-minute ingredients can almost always be found at a local grocer.

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Forgetting Your Villa Deposit

Some of the best villas and holiday homes in Bali are now requiring large deposits to ensure that you do not damage their property. Because the deposit is usually paid at the time of booking, it’s easy to forget about it—and you might not realize it if you don’t get it back after you check out. Set a reminder in your calendar to check your bank account/credit card to ensure that your monies have been repaid and that the vacation rental company has not incurred any further, unexpected costs.

Balinese Foods Too Good To Be Skipped

Travelling to Bali is not complete without exploring its culinary scene as well. The island is rich with beautiful culture resulting in many wonderful things including the foods. When it comes to Balinese culinary scene, you won’t be running out of options. There are so many wide selections of dishes you can enjoy while spending time in Bali. The latest update, Bali is already opened for tourists from 19 countries. So if you plan on travelling to Bali one of these days, here are most recommended foods that should be in your hunting list:


Ayam betutu

This is such an authentic Balinese cuisine that has been very popular among tourists in Bali. It requires slow cooking process to create authentic taste of Bali. Betutu can be made with chicken or duck stuffed with traditional spices. It is then wrapped in banana leaves and enveloped tight in a the bark of banana trunk for around 7 hours in a coal fire. The chicken or duck meat will turn out juicy, full of flavor, and easy to remove from the bones. 

Jimbaran seafood

Jimbaran is one of the coolest places in Bali. And it is the perfect place to enjoy Balinese seafood. You can order grilled seafood in one of the beachfront restaurants or cafes in Jimbaran. The seafood ranges from calamari, crabs, shrimps, clams, lobsters, and various fish. It is served with special barbecue sauce and condiment to enrich the flavor more. What a perfect way to enjoy delicious treat with the view of beautiful beach. 

Babi Guling 

babi guling

Babi guling is roasted pig. It is one of the most favorite dish by the locals. Before being roasted, the pig is  cleaned and then stuffed  with traditional spices as well as vegetables. Special stick is used to skew across the pig. Then the pig will be rolled over a coal fire. Roll over means guling in Indonesian. The result is crisp skin and tender, juicy meat. Originally, this dish can only be found during festivals or ceremonies but you can find it almost everywhere in Bali now. 


This is authentic Balinese food not everyone brave enough to try. It is made from chopped meats, vegetables, spices, and grated coconut. However, this traditional dish is usually prepared by mixing fresh animal blood with meat then added spices to enrich the flavor. This dish is served immediately because it can taste bad if being kept for too long. There are two kinds of Lawar, white and red. White Lawar is targeted for vegetarian and vegan because it doesn’t contain blood or meat. 

Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit or Satay Lilit is marinated, skewered, and grilled meats. Indonesia itself has many versions of satay depending on the region. In Bali, the authentic satay is Sate Lilit usually made with minced chicken, mutton, chicken, fish, goat, pork, or beef. The minced meat is mixed with coconut milk, coconut, vegetables, and spices. It is wrapped in bamboo stick and grilled over charcoal. It is usually served with dipping sauce but it is already tasty on its own. 

7 Reasons Why You Need to Try Diving in Bali Next Year

No matter how many places you’ve travel around, once you take the plunge (pun intended!) and see the life under the blue water, the world would never be the same. This underwater activity can be ideal for you if you appreciate adventure and are always willing to try something new. Here are five compelling reasons to give diving a try on your next Bali vacation.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Try Diving in Bali Next Year

Diving in Bali Allows You to See the Marine Life from Your Own Eyes

The most significant advantage of scuba diving is the possibility to discover underwater flora and animals. When you go diving, you may always see a wide range of water creatures up close. See up close the colorful corals and unusual underwater animals in Bali. You’ll also get up close and personal with intriguing fish you’ve never heard of before. Take a look at the amazing fish with their distinct patterns. The marine life in different parts of the world differs greatly, so every time you go scuba diving throughout your travels, you may be able to discover a completely new underwater environment.

Meet Fantastic Marine Creatures

Dive beneath the surface to uncover an entire cosmos teeming with vibrant aquatic life and odd-looking sea creatures. Consider dolphins dancing, whales singing, sharks lurking, and turtles, well, turtles doing turtle things. Think about watching Blue Planet or Finding Nemo that come to life. 

Learn Something New for New-Year Resolution

Do you have “try something new” box to tick on your new year resolution? Do that with scuba dive in Bali. Maybe you’ve often thought it’d be fun to try scuba diving but have never really done it. Perhaps you have a friend who keeps telling you how amazing it is and wants to join you on your next diving vacation. Either way, make scuba diving your new year resolution and see how it changes you. 

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Scuba Dive in Bali for A Different Honeymoon Trip 

A Different Honeymoon Trip

What’s better to kickstart a new life and celebrate the marriage bliss than doing something exciting with your loved one? Do scuba diving and discover a whole new world—away from anything you’ve ever know—together. And what’s better to have scuba diving holidays in Bali? Plus, most of the dive sites in Bali are beginner-friendly so you don’t have to worry. Beside, you can explore this beautiful island for its wonderful beaches and stunning rice paddies after the diving trip! 

Extra tips: try the Tulamben diving for a trip to breathtaking shipwreck in shallow shore or Lovina for secluded honeymoon. 

An Amazing New Way to Destress

If you think the sound of the ocean waves is relaxing, wait till you’re standing beneath them. The breath is used in meditation and yoga to focus the mind, and diving is no exception. There’s nothing like the tranquility and quiet of drifting underwater to help you forget about your worries. You can unwind once you’re underwater. All you can hear are the bubbles rising to the surface of the water, along with the noises of aquatic life and, if you’re lucky, whales and dolphins singing. Once the anxiety of being underwater fades, it becomes a place to explore and unwind!

Open Yourself for New Things to Learn

Scuba diving is a path for continuous learning. It necessitates that you continue to expand your knowledge and refine your expertise. You must not only be familiar with your equipment and how it functions, but also with the physical qualities of the underwater world and how they effect human physiology. You’ll discover the undersea environment and how precious it is, and you’ll become an ocean ambassador!

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Anyone Can Dive in Bali

Scuba diving is for everyone. You don’t have to be the most adventurous, the rich traveler, or expert in swimming to scuba dive in Bali! Literally everyone—from grandpa to 9 year old, male, female, and non-binaries and everyone in the spectrum—can try this recreational sport. 

Simplest Way to Get the Best Seafood Restaurant Bali

Seafood has always been a special deli in the tropical Bali. Being near to the sea, Bali boasts the freshest and richest seafood varieties to please the tongue of curious globe-trotters. For serious foodies, seafood on its own has been a real treat—it’s not your everyday food and it definitely brings special moments up in the air. There are a lot of seafood choices in Bali and many ways to prepare it. From the beaches of Jimbaran, the sophisticated Seminyak, to the humble food stalls of Amed, the Island has too many seafood choices you could pick up every day. Amongst the plentiful selection, however, finding the one that worth your money and time needs some works—and maybe a little scrutiny. Here’s simple way to get the best seafood restaurant in Bali for a little delight to your tropical vacation.

Simplest Way to Get the Best Seafood Restaurant Bali

Look for Seafood Variety

Nowadays, giving initial judgement to a restaurant before even stepping inside gets easier thanks to online reviews. In Indonesia, you could look up to local food review apps like Qraved and Zomato to peek into the restaurant’s menus and what people say about them. Before going there, check if the seafood restaurant of your choice have a good selection of food. The best seafood restaurant in Bali easily have variety of meals to cater your needs. Also, the availability of wide range of seafood indicates the restaurant’s skill to prepare various dishes and it’s ability to provide them fresh. You know that most of the ingredients are probably frozen if the restaurant only offers tuna, salmon, snapper, shrimps, and crab-sticks. 

Is it Close to the Sea and You? 

If you are staying somewhere in Bedugul, it would be hard to find a good seafood restaurant. One important thing to consider on finding the best seafood restaurant in Bali is taking notes to its location. How far it is from the sea? Could you find any fish market nearby? The closer a seafood restaurant to its source, the better it is. If the restaurant is located miles away from the fish source, there’s a high chance that the fish won’t be fresh, and hence not as delicious.

Also, consider your distance to the establishment. If you are staying in Seminyak, it’s probably best to find local seafood restaurant rather than traveling way down to Jimbaran. 

Best Seafood Restaurant in Bali Has the Best Hygiene

Could you eat peacefully in a dirty restaurant? The best seafood restaurant in Bali doesn’t have to feel like clinic, but they should have a clean kitchen and cooking utensil to cook your food. It gets critically important as some variety of seafood, like salmon, oysters, caviar, and lots of sushi and sashimi are served raw or undercooked. 

’Tis Why Sports Bar Bali is Perfect for Fun Mates Night

Anyone who has great enthusiasm to any kind of sport know how exciting it feels to watch your favourite team fighting in a match field. Be it football, rugby tennis, or boxing, cheering up your favourite kinda give you the adrenaline rush and excitement that would be pumping out all night. Being in a holiday in the tropical Bali is not an excuse to miss the awaited match—even if that means you are in a completely different time zone. Now, there’s no place to beat sports bar Bali to watch your team giving their all—and we’ll tell you why. 

’Tis Why Sports Bar Bali is Perfect for Fun Mates Night

Great Selections of Beers That Keep Flowing 

Sure, you can always buy some bottle of beers and watch the game for the quietness of your living room back in the villa. You could silently celebrating every score and repenting every loss with a bottle of beer, but would you be really satisfied? As true beer connoisseurs would say—tap beer is definitely way better than canned or bottled beer, and it would be kept icy cold as you’d like. And whenever your glass runs empty, there would always be bartenders that would happily give you the refill. No need to leave in the middle of the match just to fetch another glass of beer. 

The More, The Merrier

Whatever the sport is, one thing is certain. The more people you have to watch it together, the more exciting it would be. In when you haven’t really know each other. Gather up all your mates, invites your loved ones (or perhaps, your significant other) to join with you, and enjoy the lively scene at your favourite sports bar Bali. Cheering up your champ gets even more fun when you have a group of people teaming up with you while others are supporting the opposite side. 

Great Food and Special Drinks to Accompany

Watching a sport match is essentially like a mini party. You want good drinks and good food to escalate the whole mood. Because, let’s face it—without one, sports watching would feel quite dry.   You simply can’t drink and watch a whole game on empty stomach, guaranteed. And when you watch it home, your choice would be limited to either bags of chips (not really fulfilling, I tell you), or rushing for making quick snacks during the short break time. It takes a lot of commitment just for preparing for the match! Well, you don’t need to worry about food and drinks when you are at sports bar Bali. You can always have great food delivered to your seat, all inside a lively and welcoming environment. And to celebrate the good mood, you can always have the bar’s drink special that would totally still on budget. No preparation involved and you’ll still have ton of fun. 

Pro tip: If you are coming with your mates, it’s best to have platters and tower beers to enjoy together. Platters are perfect for a quick little munch when your concentration is mainly on the game!

Fabulous Stay and Sleep Located In the Best Part of Seminyak

I have been read a review of one of the recommended type of accommodations you can rent at Seminyak when you are travelling in Bali. It is a rental property that has been built by the villa concept and truly located in the best part of Seminyak.

For you who have never known where the the Seminyak is, it is a favourite village for tourists where you can stay nearby the beach while exploring some interesting destinations and attractions around your living.

Even, you don’t need to use the bike or car to the beach. You could reaches it by your bare foot under 10 minutes and even within walking distance to the Seminyak square.

And that’s the truth when you are renting and staying inside the fabulous of Seminyak villas with your friends, family or simply by yourself.

fabulous stay and sleep centrally located in the best part of Seminyak

One of the fabulous villas you can rent that I am recommending you is presented by the hu’u Villas Bali. It has some interesting villas from the one bedroom on the loft up to 13 bedroom combinations by its interconnected villa’s design.

It is also located at the Seminyak or precisely at Petitenget where there are many good restaurants, spas, and the other stores very close by.

All of these available fabulous villas are also have their own private outdoor’s pool and there will also the outside garden that will make your staying even more beautified.

There will also the turn down service for each evening you can get as what the top class properties should have that certainly will be the great touch for the guests especially for those with families and children.

Choosing one of these bedroom villas will really make your stay and sleep the great one when travelling in Bali since there are many advantages you can get that some of them have been mentioned on above.

The staff are also very polite and helpful. You can even ask them to arrange your own transportation need whenever you wanted, like anytime when you wants it and whatever you will need. Simply ask them to do it for you and they will gladly help you with all of those while they will keep on putting smile on face. A truly high class services and that’s really beyond the fabulous stay at Seminyak or Bali in general.

And when the best Seminyak villas centrally located in the best part of Seminyak village, you have done with what you are wishing for since all of them can be experienced around your stay.

I don’t intends to say that these fabulous stay and sleep at Seminyak are the perfect place for everything. But, it can be the top choice of yours rather than the other places and accommodations.

When its come to reserving or renting the accommodation, we are normally being the pretty picky person and most of the times we can always find something to complain about. But when you are deciding to give one of the available Seminyak villas a try as your fabulous stay and sleep, you may cam up with nothing.

Flores Komodo Tour to Majestic Mountains

The majority travelers know Flores for its infamous Komodo National Park, a member of New 7 Wonder of the World, a UNESCO World’s Heritage, and much importantly, home for the last dragons in the earth. Ever since its nomination as the New 7 Wonder candidate, the Komodo quickly become an overnight travel sensation, drawing wanderers and wildlife enthusiast to the far-flung region. Today, people are signing up for Flores Komodo tour every day to sail around Flores’ beautiful archipelago and walk with the dragons in the isolated Komodo Island.

However, not much know that Flores has more than the infamous Komodo dragons. From the brimming marine life with incredibly rich biodiversity to high rising dormant volcanoes, the wondrous nature of Flores won’t stop to appease you. Now when you are done with the dragon adventure, it’s time to leave Labuan Bajo and get deep into the mainland Flores. Here lies two phenomenal mountains in Flores; Mount Kelimutu and Mount Inerie, that totally worth a visit.

Flores Komodo Tour to Majestic Mountains

Backpacking on Flores Komodo Tour  

If you want to make your path to Flores’ peaky mountains, be prepared for backpacking travel. This won’t be an easy trip, but the intensity of the challenges will keep the impression last forever in your soul. Unlike the easy breezy coastal holiday where you can take leisure in 5 starred waterfront hotel, accommodations on mountain climbing are more on the rugged side. Expect to find a very basic lodge to sleep in the mountain feet. When you have started to hike, you would likely be expected to camp in a tent. But isn’t that the true adventure?

The Three Dimensional Crater Lake in Mount Kelimutu

The 1,690 m above sea level high Mount Kelimutu would be a great start for our mountainous Flores Komodo tour. Being the smallest national park among six others between Bali and Nusa Tenggara Islands, Mount Kelimutu is known as the volcano-beginners for mount climbers in Flores. But don’t let the size deceive you. This dormant volcano offers spectacular wonders that are yet to behold.

Kelimutu, which name means “boiling lake”, derives from three lakes, separated by thin ridges of rock formation, that settles right on its dormant crater. It is beautifully haunting as the boiling lakes are, not only they are of different color, but also constantly changes its color without any preceding signs. The Kelimutu lakes are famous for being extra unpredictable for when and what color they would change into. One is turquoise, which is pretty consistent throughout the year, while the two others would wildly change into red, white, green, black, or dark as chocolate.

Science says that fluctuating changes of chemical and mineral balance plays a part in color transition, but Flores’ folklore has another say. The locals believe that the departed souls reside on these lakes. The bright turquoise is where the old souls dwell, the other one is for the spirit of young people, while the wicked go to the last one.

The Towering Mount Inerie

Once you set your feet in Flores, you would soon see of a towering mountain which presence is felt all around central Flores. That’s Mount Inerie, rightfully translated as the Beautiful Mother in the local language. The majestic mount Inerie rise in 2.245 mdpl high, its peak disappear in the hovering clouds. Unlike Kelimutu, hiking Mount Inerie is rather challenging with some slippery paths and steep slope. On certain condition, reaching the summit is almost impossible as it could be too slippery.

On the foot on mount Inerie spreads Bajawa settlements; big Flores’ traditional villages that scattered around the hills who still strictly adhere to ancient megalithic beliefs. Under the shadow of our Beautiful Mother sits one of the most famous community, the Bena Village. A visit to Bena would make an impressive Flores Komodo tour, as you would have a chance to see magnificent stone formations, ancestral shrines, traditional high-thatched roof houses, and prehistoric culture that still thrives until today.    

Types of Hammock Tarp Camping: Which One is For You?

Hammock tarp camping comes with several different kinds of tarps. The larger your tarp is, the more coverage and protection it provides. However, this also means the heavier they are.

Types of hammock tarp camping for you

To counter this, always make sure that you’re purchasing a durable and light-weight material. Good quality tarps should have reliable portability, and therefore, weight matters.

Asymmetrical tarp

The asymmetrical tarp is the lightest type of tarp in the market that you can purchase for your hammock tarp camping.

Asymmetric tarps provide the slightest coverage compared to other types of tarps commonly used for hammock camping.

The asymmetric tarps are perfect when you’re simply going out to the park or a nearby hill when the weather is sunny and clear. Make sure to always check that it is not going to rain or storm that night, otherwise, you’ll be sleeping drenched.

Otherwise, the asymmetrical tarps are quite popular for their lightweight quality and portability.

Diamond-shaped tarp

The diamond-shaped tarp provides better coverage from asymmetric ones. These larger tarps are also relatively easy to set up, just like asymmetrical tarps are.

This is largely thanks to their relatively small size compared to the full coverage 4 season tarps. This type of tarp is perfect for those who want better coverage but still relatively easy to set up.

Hex tarp or cat cut tarp

Hex tarps are relatively popular options since this hammock stands right in the middle between lightweight and full-coverage.

This makes the hex tarp similar to a best-of-both-worlds kind of deal for campers. Moreover, There are several manufacturers that sell a separate accessory for this type of tarp that act as a “flap” or “door” for better coverage and maximum privacy.

This may be excellent for those who are looking for a lighter tarp compared to the full coverage 4-season tarp but still need the protection similar to a tent’s flap provides.

Rectangle-shaped tarp

The rectangle tarp provides a similar coverage like the 4 season full coverage tarps but without the existence of flaps or doors.

Rectangle tarps are quite good when it comes to providing privacy for campers and it also provides you with maximum protection from the weather and all that it may bring.

Full-coverage or 4-Season tarp

A four-season tarp is an ultimate solution when you’d want a maximum possible coverage.

The finished pitch of a 4 season tarp is similar to that of a tent floating just above the ground. It is ideal for those who would like a full coverage a tent provides. However, it does take some practice to set up a full coverage 4 season tarp for your hammock tarp camping.

This is excellent for those who plan to camp out during the winter or other severe climates.

Other accessories for a 4 season tarp may potentially be needed, especially when the weather requires it. For instance, a ridge line may be required when you are hammocking with a potential storm or strong winds ahead.

The additional support would help in maintaining the tarp and your hammock setup during the harsh conditions.

Tips and Things To Know – Scuba Diving Lessons For Beginners

Who can think of being able to breathe in water? Logically this is impossible. The theory of breathing in water has been solved by diving activities. Breathe in water with a certain depth using diving equipment such as tubes, masks, and others. Scuba diving is increasingly popular from time to time and even becomes a profession. Thanks to the scuba diving lessons for beginners, this is an activity for all ages.

Wherever you are going to dive, scuba diving lessons for beginners are very important. Training from dive operators alone is not enough. There are many things that need to be learned as the level of skill level or certificate is owned. Some of the many questionable questions are prospective scuba diving for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions While Scuba Diving Lessons For Beginners

Does Scuba Diving Lessons For Beginners Guarantee Safety?

Yes, diving is safe. If you study well and use skills correctly, diving is the same as walking. Scuba diving lessons for beginners can reduce risk during dive and everything will be fine. Follow all instructor’s words and teachings while on the high seas and you will see how amazing the underwater world is.

How much does it cost?

To be honest, diving doesn’t come at a low cost, but it can’t be expensive either. Scuba diving lessons for beginners from each dive organization have different prices. Choosing the best is certainly a little more expensive. The benefits? You will be well received for diving in any part of the world.

Maybe people think that dive operators take a lot of profits for the diving program for beginners. But the price offered by most dive operators is the right price. There is a large fee for dive operators themselves. Instructor financing. boat rental, purchasing diving equipment, pool fees, transportation and many others.

The price of scuba diving for beginners varies throughout the world. So it is necessary to look for cheap dive tourism destinations while enjoying the trip after diving.

Is Diving the Best for You?

Many people are interested in trying scuba diving lessons for beginners. But are you sure to invest time and money in a foreign environment? When diving is an activity just for fun and is done during holidays, then the depth limit of 12-30 meters is enough for you. No need to pursue further training for prestige. Taking a certificate from the PADI organization is the right one for your diving training. You can continue diving training when you have thought about whether this activity is the best and right for you.