Unique Sandwiches From Around the World That Can Be Your Favorites 

sandwich from all around the world

Sandwich is one of the go-to snack people love to enjoy at anytime, especially when they need a quick fix before going somewhere. It is such a simple food you can make with even simple ingredients. You can make a sandwich with almost anything you have in your kitchen. Also, there are variety of sandwiches from all around the world. Those differences might be a result of different culture, preferences, etc. So here are some of the most unique sandwiches from around the world that can become your favorites:

Sanguche de Milanesa from Argentina

This simple food is easy to spot in almost everywhere across the country since it is one of the locals’ favorites. The type of bread they use to make this sandwich usually a white baton or short baguette. the fillings in between the breads usually consist of a large slab of beef schnitzel or milanesa added with mayonnaise, onions, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. There is also a chicken version of this sandwich for those who love it. 

Banh mi from Vietnam

This is such a classic food for Vietnamese. Banh mi itself means bread in Vietnamese. It is the type of short baguette with crisp crust and airy but soft texture. It is also thin and often split lengthwise to be filled with savory ingredients. It usually contains shredded pork, pork sausage, pickled carrots, cucumber, pickled daikon radish, cilantro, and various condiments. It sounds merry just by looking at the fillings but it truly taste delicious. 

Bocadillo from Spain

This unique sandwich is made with Spanish bread. This special bread is made from dough composed flour, water, yeast, and salt. It has harder and drier texture which is perfect for a sandwich base. There are wide varieties of Bocadillos. Some of the most favorites one include omelette Bocadillos, veggie Bocadillos, cold-meat Bocadillos, etc. Several different sauces are added including mayonnaise, ketchup, aioli, and mustard. 

PB&J from USA

This is a well know sandwich from the USA. This simple food is said to be one of the most favorite snacks of NBA athletes. it is also said to be the staples for moms. It is peanut butter jelly sandwich that taste simple but delicious. This sandwich si made with regular bread many Americans love and filled with peanut butter and jelly. As simple as that, but it works in giving you the boost of energy with such minimum ingredients to put. 

Vada Pav from India

India is also known for their unique and iconic foods. Many people around the world love Indian foods because of the distinguished flavor. As for sandwich, India also has the unique one. Vada Pav is Indian sandwich that is also considered as vegetarian dish. It consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling served inside a bread bun. Chutney and green chili pepper are often served together with the sandwich. This is considered small in size compared to other regular sandwich. You can even call it mini sandwich if you will. 

Interesting Sweet Breakfast From Around The World

Breakfast meal is one of the most anticipated for some people who of course, enjoy their morning routine. People choose their breakfast menu based on their preference. Some like it simple and others like a complete package of hearty meal. Every country also has their own way to serve breakfast with the various types of menu. The most important matter is whether or not the breakfast is sweet or savory. However, we are going to talk about sweet breakfast meals from different countries across the world.

Hagelslag from Netherlands

Hagelslag from Netherlands

This is kind of toast many people in Netherlands love to enjoy for their breakfast. This Dutch toast is made with the addition of sprinkles on top. The meaning of Hagelslag itself is hailstorm. Hence, the toast is like it by the storm of rainbow, chocolate, and anise-flavored sprinkles. Of course, it is best to butter the toast first before raining it down with sprinkles. This breakfast meal is pretty simple and easy to make especially for those who tend to have hectic morning. 

Bostock from France

Bostock from France

We all have known French toast but the French people themselves don’t call it that. In France, French toast means ‘lost bread’. it is made with stale bread. Meanwhile, they have such a superior sweet bread breakfast call Bostock. It is made with brioche bread sweetened with syrup. It also topped with almond-based sweet cream and a layer of sliced almond. This light yet delightful meal for breakfast is nourishing and energizing to start your day. 

Paczki from Poland

Paczki from Poland

From the look of Paczki, it is similar to doughnut. However, it is kind of a twist of doughnut for Poland. It needs similar ingredients as doughnut to make Paczki. The difference that Packzi is filled and flattened. However, the texture is similar to doughnut with some fluffiness and softness. The filling of Paczki are varied such as cream, fruit jam, or even seasonal fruits.  And the outer layer of this Poland doughnut is covered with a glaze or sugar.

Cornetto from Italy

Cornetto from Italy

This is such a light breakfast meal many Italian enjoy for their morning routine. It is similar to croissant when it comes to texture and look. However, it is filled with either chocolate or sweetened fruit jam. It is usually paired with a cup of coffee to balance out the sweetness. For those who have sweet tooth, this sweet breakfast meal is a perfect choice. You can also enjoy Cornetto with a cup of tea.

Mandazi from Kenya

dazi from Kenya

This is a common breakfast menu in Kenya that you can find it almost everywhere across the country. It is also pretty similar to doughnut. However, it is less sweet and lack a glaze. Mandazi is made with yeasty dough and formed into triangular or circular shape. It is also kneaded with coconut, cardamom, and sugar. For those sweet tooth, adding shaved coconut and powdered sugar is definitely an experience. For those who don’t really like sweet, Mandazi itself is enough because it is not overbearingly sweet unlike other doughnuts.