Unique Sandwiches From Around the World That Can Be Your Favorites 

sandwich from all around the world

Sandwich is one of the go-to snack people love to enjoy at anytime, especially when they need a quick fix before going somewhere. It is such a simple food you can make with even simple ingredients. You can make a sandwich with almost anything you have in your kitchen. Also, there are variety of sandwiches from all around the world. Those differences might be a result of different culture, preferences, etc. So here are some of the most unique sandwiches from around the world that can become your favorites:

Sanguche de Milanesa from Argentina

This simple food is easy to spot in almost everywhere across the country since it is one of the locals’ favorites. The type of bread they use to make this sandwich usually a white baton or short baguette. the fillings in between the breads usually consist of a large slab of beef schnitzel or milanesa added with mayonnaise, onions, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. There is also a chicken version of this sandwich for those who love it. 

Banh mi from Vietnam

This is such a classic food for Vietnamese. Banh mi itself means bread in Vietnamese. It is the type of short baguette with crisp crust and airy but soft texture. It is also thin and often split lengthwise to be filled with savory ingredients. It usually contains shredded pork, pork sausage, pickled carrots, cucumber, pickled daikon radish, cilantro, and various condiments. It sounds merry just by looking at the fillings but it truly taste delicious. 

Bocadillo from Spain

This unique sandwich is made with Spanish bread. This special bread is made from dough composed flour, water, yeast, and salt. It has harder and drier texture which is perfect for a sandwich base. There are wide varieties of Bocadillos. Some of the most favorites one include omelette Bocadillos, veggie Bocadillos, cold-meat Bocadillos, etc. Several different sauces are added including mayonnaise, ketchup, aioli, and mustard. 

PB&J from USA

This is a well know sandwich from the USA. This simple food is said to be one of the most favorite snacks of NBA athletes. it is also said to be the staples for moms. It is peanut butter jelly sandwich that taste simple but delicious. This sandwich si made with regular bread many Americans love and filled with peanut butter and jelly. As simple as that, but it works in giving you the boost of energy with such minimum ingredients to put. 

Vada Pav from India

India is also known for their unique and iconic foods. Many people around the world love Indian foods because of the distinguished flavor. As for sandwich, India also has the unique one. Vada Pav is Indian sandwich that is also considered as vegetarian dish. It consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling served inside a bread bun. Chutney and green chili pepper are often served together with the sandwich. This is considered small in size compared to other regular sandwich. You can even call it mini sandwich if you will. 

Doing the Advanced Open Water in Tulamben: A Review!

Doing the Advanced Open Water in Tulamben: A Review!

When you think about Tulamben, Bali, you might think about the world-famous USAT Liberty Wreck, incredible snorkeling, and easy dive sites with rewarding experiences around the village. But do you know that the Tulamben is also an excellent diving spot in Bali to get your Advanced Open Water Certification?

The Advanced Open Water certification meant to help you improve your diving skills, so you can begin soon after getting your PADI Open Water Diver certification. Through various Adventure Dives, the course helps you gain confidence and expand your dive skills. Under the guidance of our PADI Instructor, you try out different specialties while gaining expertise. You log dives and improve your skills as you discover new ways to enjoy scuba diving. So, you’ll want to have your Advanced certification in a place where the dive site is reliable but challenging enough to get you beyond the beginner level. That’s why Tulamben is perfect and here’s our experience of getting my Advanced Open Water in Tulamben. Read on!

What to Expect from Advanced Open Water Diving in Tulamben

You studied the fundamentals of scuba diving in Open Water. You will improve your skills and learn how to think and act like a diver in this development course. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can get more experience, continue your diving education, and try out other dive specialties.

Five adventure dives make up the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. The first dive of a specialty course is an adventure dive. With a wide range of PADI specialty courses to choose from, the Advanced Course will introduce you to the vast array of different forms of diving available. In Tulamben, you will have five dives for the Advanced adventures.  The first two are deep dive to thirty meters and an underwater navigation dive, and after completing them then you can choose three dives from PADI’s adventure set.

First: Fun Scuba Diving in the USAT Liberty Tulamben

Fun Scuba Diving in the USAT Liberty Tulamben

The Tulamben’ Liberty shipwreck is the most well-known diving site in this part of Bali. The USAT Liberty wreck was the main attraction for me, so seeing it on my first dive was a dream come true. Because there is so much of the ship to examine, this wreck has really put Tulamben on the map. The Liberty is nearly 400 feet long, and because of its location on a sandy slope, it can be explored at depths ranging from 25 to 100 feet. The 400-foot-long deck, which would normally be festooned with navigational equipment, communications towers, and a spider web of cables, is the most noticeable feature of the Liberty because it was a transport ship. But you don’t have to deal with all of that because the ship was largely dismantled by American forces and Balinese workers, thus the deck is basically safe.

We stayed in the shallow parts for my dive because there was plenty of light from the surface. It was still a really perplexing sensation, and I couldn’t tell which way was up because the ship was standing on its end.

Ps: You can even snorkel here as this Tulamben dive site is very appropriate for beginners!

Second: The Navigational Dive in Tulamben

The next dive in Tulamben is very important and would feel more like a course rather than an adventure. To be a confident diver, you must first learn how to navigate in the strange environment of the underwater—where your landmarks are mostly corals—and keep track of your position. It’s not fun to finish a dive only to realize you’ve wandered a hundred yards from the boat or the beach. To navigate underwater, acquaint yourself with a map of the dive location and pencil in the path you’ll be traveling ahead of time. Only a dive compass and the ability to count are required to follow that path. The compass will tell you which way to go, and counting your flipper kicks will tell you how far you’ve travelled.

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Third: Deep Diving in USAT Liberty Tulamben

Deep Diving in USAT Liberty Tulamben

A dive down to 30 meters is required for the Advanced Open Water course. The deep dive brought us back to the Liberty, and this time we went all the way to the bottom. We didn’t enter the ship this time because it was meant to be a depth training dive. Instead, I concentrated on breathing at 30 meters, which is more difficult than it appears. At that depth, the water pressure is four times higher than at sea level, and you can feel the extra effort required to inhale each breath.

Things can grow a little more perilous during the deep dive. The lower you go, the more issues can occur, including nitrogen poisoning, running out of air (you use it faster at depth), and, most importantly, decompression sickness.

Ask any experienced diver, and they’ll tell you that you don’t even need to travel deep to observe interesting things. The bright coral and exotic fish that divers normally wish to see adore the sun, therefore they like to be at the surface where it is brighter. Diving shipwrecks, which are often deeper than the 18 meters allowed under PADI’s Open Water certification, is the one exception to this restriction.

Fourth: Night Diving

It was time for another first for me, a night dive, around sunset. As usual, our instructor and us suited up on the beach, this time with two dive lights, which are large, extra-bright flashlights that overheat if not submerged. The sun had begun to sink below the horizon by the time we got into the water. It was far more incredible than I could have imagined. We returned to the Liberty wreck, and without the sunshine flowing through its fissures, it appeared unearthly. Colors seemed more vibrant, and whatever I shone my light on stood out against the darkness in stark contrast. We can’t say enough about how much we enjoy night diving!

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Fifth: Underwater Photography

PADI has a variety of specialty courses you can choose for the Advanced Open Water Certification. Those are:

  • Coral Reef Conservation
  • Boat Diver
  • Drift Diver
  • Night Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Altitude Diver
  • Wreck Diving
  • Cavern Diver
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater Videography
  • And many more.

Keep in mind that not all diving centers offer all possibilities, and that availability varies depending on local conditions.

While the dive in USAT Liberty itself can be categorized as wreck diving and it’s quite impossible to have drift diving in Tulamben, we choose Underwater Photography for our last dive! It was wonderful but you can always try fish identification or underwater naturalist that are just equally interesting.

Would you love to have your advanced open water diving in Tulamben?

Interesting Sweet Breakfast From Around The World

Breakfast meal is one of the most anticipated for some people who of course, enjoy their morning routine. People choose their breakfast menu based on their preference. Some like it simple and others like a complete package of hearty meal. Every country also has their own way to serve breakfast with the various types of menu. The most important matter is whether or not the breakfast is sweet or savory. However, we are going to talk about sweet breakfast meals from different countries across the world.

Hagelslag from Netherlands

Hagelslag from Netherlands

This is kind of toast many people in Netherlands love to enjoy for their breakfast. This Dutch toast is made with the addition of sprinkles on top. The meaning of Hagelslag itself is hailstorm. Hence, the toast is like it by the storm of rainbow, chocolate, and anise-flavored sprinkles. Of course, it is best to butter the toast first before raining it down with sprinkles. This breakfast meal is pretty simple and easy to make especially for those who tend to have hectic morning. 

Bostock from France

Bostock from France

We all have known French toast but the French people themselves don’t call it that. In France, French toast means ‘lost bread’. it is made with stale bread. Meanwhile, they have such a superior sweet bread breakfast call Bostock. It is made with brioche bread sweetened with syrup. It also topped with almond-based sweet cream and a layer of sliced almond. This light yet delightful meal for breakfast is nourishing and energizing to start your day. 

Paczki from Poland

Paczki from Poland

From the look of Paczki, it is similar to doughnut. However, it is kind of a twist of doughnut for Poland. It needs similar ingredients as doughnut to make Paczki. The difference that Packzi is filled and flattened. However, the texture is similar to doughnut with some fluffiness and softness. The filling of Paczki are varied such as cream, fruit jam, or even seasonal fruits.  And the outer layer of this Poland doughnut is covered with a glaze or sugar.

Cornetto from Italy

Cornetto from Italy

This is such a light breakfast meal many Italian enjoy for their morning routine. It is similar to croissant when it comes to texture and look. However, it is filled with either chocolate or sweetened fruit jam. It is usually paired with a cup of coffee to balance out the sweetness. For those who have sweet tooth, this sweet breakfast meal is a perfect choice. You can also enjoy Cornetto with a cup of tea.

Mandazi from Kenya

dazi from Kenya

This is a common breakfast menu in Kenya that you can find it almost everywhere across the country. It is also pretty similar to doughnut. However, it is less sweet and lack a glaze. Mandazi is made with yeasty dough and formed into triangular or circular shape. It is also kneaded with coconut, cardamom, and sugar. For those sweet tooth, adding shaved coconut and powdered sugar is definitely an experience. For those who don’t really like sweet, Mandazi itself is enough because it is not overbearingly sweet unlike other doughnuts. 

8 Mistakes People Do When Staying in Bali Villas

8 Mistakes People Do When Staying in Bali Villas

When you are taking a long vacation in Bali especially with family, it’s normal if you prefer to stay at villas than at hotel. Because vacation rentals are meant to feel like a home away from home. However, that doesn’t mean you should treat your villa like your own house. Vacation rental in Bali is essentially a rental property where the owners can bill you some money for any damage you may have done. If you’re not careful, some minor mistakes like forgetting your toiletries is more an annoyance than a damage—but still it would be better if you can avoid such mishaps. So take your notes and avoid these mistakes when you’re staying at a holiday rental in Bali and have a perfect stay!

Assuming All Bali Family Villas are Pet-Friendly

Assuming All Bali Family Villas are Pet-Friendly

Sure, Bali is pet-friendly and you can see dogs and cats strolling around the island. You might also see a lot of foreign travelers (they must be staying at a villa somewhere, right?) taking their dogs for a walk or even for motorcycle ride. However, don’t assume that your villa will be pet-friendly just because others are. Apart from the possibility of causing a mess—especially in an unfamiliar environment—pets can also make individuals with allergies sick, whether the owners or prospective guests, and some villas do not allow dogs. Leave your paw-companion at home unless the rental clearly states that pets are welcome.

Throwing A Party in the Villa without Notifying the Owner

Having more guests on property than are listed in your reservation can result in the loss of your security deposit or a large fine from the vacation rental agency. You might assume there’s no chance you’ll be discovered if the owner lives away, but a noise complaint or report from a neighbor could easily find its way back to your host. Even if you’re staying in a 6 bedroom family villas in Bali that’s meant to accommodate large group, you should always ask permission from the owner first. 

Losing Your Bali Villa Key

Although a lot of real estates in Bali now utilize a lockbox code, if you stay in one that still uses an old-fashioned key, keep it with you at all times. If you’re given more than one key, be sure that each member of your group has one to avoid locking yourself out. Otherwise, if the owner does not reside nearby, you may have to pay for a locksmith to gain access.

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Not Washing the Dishes Before Using Them

Not Washing the Dishes Before Using Them

Staying in a vacation rental rather than a hotel provides you with a fully equipped kitchen. Vacation rentals, unlike hotels, do not have a particular cleaning process to follow. In most cases, the preceding guest is asked to hand-wash the dishes (or loaded into the dishwasher if there is one). And what if the holiday rental didn’t include dish soap? That last visitor may have simply given everything a quick clean and left. To ensure cleanliness, bring some dishwashing detergent (or dish soap and a clean sponge) and thoroughly wash a number of dishes that you will use during your stay.

Not Bringing Your Toiletries from Home

While every rule has an exception, don’t forget to bring your own soap and shampoo. You’ll probably need paper towels and toilet paper while you’re at it. Your stay could cost hundreds of dollars, yet it’s rare to find a home rental that includes toiletries and paper products. If there is shampoo or soap in the bathroom, it could be a beginning kit or something left behind by a former renter. And, while there may be laundry detergent and dish soap beneath the sink, you’ll probably need more than that. Always inquire about these necessities with your host, and it never hurts to have them along just in case.

Filling Up the Fridge Full

You have a kitchen in your house rental, so you can — and should — cook at least a few meals to save money (and, especially right now, avoid unnecessary in-person interactions).

However, be honest with yourself. Don’t bring a ton of perishables for a pot roast, casserole, or meatloaf if you know you’ll be eating out most nights. If you’re unsure what to expect, stay with long-lasting items that won’t spoil and can travel with you back home. Nearly any last-minute ingredients can almost always be found at a local grocer.

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Forgetting Your Villa Deposit

Some of the best villas and holiday homes in Bali are now requiring large deposits to ensure that you do not damage their property. Because the deposit is usually paid at the time of booking, it’s easy to forget about it—and you might not realize it if you don’t get it back after you check out. Set a reminder in your calendar to check your bank account/credit card to ensure that your monies have been repaid and that the vacation rental company has not incurred any further, unexpected costs.

Good Leadership for Effective Business

There are many qualities that can help you to reach success in running your own business. Being an entrepreneur means you have full control of your business and every decision making. Not to mention that you are responsible to the team you are leading. Working together with your team while running a business can be overwhelming especially in the beginning. It is even worse when you don’t really have experience running a business and become a leader of team. It is challenging to find the most effective ways in doing so. 

Good Leadership for Effective Business

Good leadership and effective business strategies

Being a good leader means you have to set priorities in the right order. It is also important to remind your team that you are sailing the same boat to the same direction. You and your team may have different personal goals. However, your professionals goals are the same. When the business is running well, everyone involved is benefited. Thus, it is essential to ensure your team share the same vision and value of the business you are running. 

Understanding of what makes a good leader

There are many traits and qualities that can make you a good leader for your team. Understanding is one important trait a good leader. Understanding yourself and your team, as well as the business flow will help you lead successfully. There are many problems you face when you are running your own business. Those can come daily and it is easy to feel pressured and stressed out. However, it will become easier when you try to understand everything in the first place without jumping into conclusion and taking wrong decision for your team and business. 

Do you need physiological manipulation?

Good Leadership for Effective Business

Manipulation is also important factor that good leader should consider. Manipulative leader may sound negative since the word itself is often referred to negative connotation. However, being manipulative is needed sometimes for a leader to guide or direct their team to a path they want to. Manipulation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reach success of your business. You can direct people to act in the best interest by manipulating them. 

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There’s such thing about positive manipulation

Therefore, manipulation is not always a bad thing. It is when you use emotions to get another person or people to act as desired as manipulator. It should be done when you understand to what end you use the manipulative strategy. Most of people remember and understand more the ideas and concept better when they are attached to emotional experience. Therefore, you can use it to drive them into their best interest. Remember that even teachers use manipulation to get their students more willing to learn and remember their lesson. They may use manipulative method but it doesn’t harm the students in fact, it help improve their performance in learning. 

Careful with the manipulation technique

Furthermore, keep in mind that running a business invites many kinds of problem. You should be ready for the wicked ones. Therefore, manipulation can be an effective tool you can use to solve those problems. In the reality of running a business, sometimes the facts only cannot be relied on to solve problems.

Building Effective Work Environment in Business

When you run your own business, you must have known that you cannot work alone. There are too many things you need to manage with your limited capability. Working with reliable team is what you can do to manage your business smoothly. In order to build successful team, you need to make sure that your team members are happy in the workplace. The happier they are, the more productive can they be. Productivity is important quality for successful business. That’s why you need to make sure you have every qualities to run your business successfully. 

Building effective work environment to improve your business

When you are able to create effective work environment, you have more opportunities to improve the performance of your business. Effective work environment is important to make your team members feel happy, comfortable, and ready to do their work. You cannot blame your team members for stagnant performance if you haven’t provide the best things to the workplace to make them feel happy and comfortable to work. 

Building Effective Work Environment in Business

Comfortable Temperature

You can create more effective work environment from minor things such as setting the workplace in comfortable temperature. This may sound simple and minor but it can affect your team member’s performance. How can they work efficiently if they are in a room with over-air conditioning or over-heated temperature? The temperature of the workplace does matter especially when you have many employees inside. The more people inside the room, the easier for the temperature to increase. Make sure to provide workplace with better air flow so everyone will stay comfortable when doing their work.

Design workplace that fits your team’s needs

It can impact their work habit is some ways because where they work affect the way they work. When they are jammed in small, cramped room with low ceiling and minus air-conditioning, everything will feel uncomfortable. It will be harder for them to concentrate and focus on their work. You also need to pay attention to noise management so it won’t distract their focus. 

Provide facilities that your team need to accomplish their work

This is very significant aspect especially if you want to promote productivity. Human resources are important but you also need technological supports for more effective and efficient work to get done. Your team may not be able to finish their deadline properly if the printer is often malfunction or the internet connection is often disrupted. Providing sufficient facilities can help promoting productivity in your business. 

Building effective communication

Effective communication is also important to create effective work environment. Working in team needs open, clear communication. It is easy to have misunderstanding due to lack of good communication within work environment. That’s why you need to establish effective communication in order to establish effective work environment. Ask for honest feedback from your team so you know what to improve. You can also give your feedback honestly and fairly so your team can make improvement of their performance. This way, work environment is more effective, healthy, and open. There is no room for misunderstanding or miscommunication. 

Why Beach is Not Advisable After Getting Piercing Bali

Summer, Bali, sea, and piercing show-off sounds so good together. It’s time to wear your newest bikini, heading to one of Bali’s gorgeous beaches, and show your stunning navel/ cartilage  jewellery. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with new, fresh piercing. If you get pierced during your Bali holiday, prepared to bid goodbye to the beach and the saltwater. This might sounds unpleasant, especially when you have been waiting to splash around Bali’s beach for long!

Why Beach is Not Advisable After Getting Piercing Bali

But I Heard That Salt Soak is Good for New Piercing?

While it’s true that saline mixture from sea salt and water is good for its cleansing and healing properties, soaking your new piercing in the sea itself is not a good idea. The ocean might have embodies 35 gram of salt per litre, but so is bacterias, waste particles, microscopic sands, acids, and many other particles. Remember that new pierces is essentially fresh wounds. Soaking them in ocean water would open chances to potential infections than getting the benefit of the salt water.

Swimming In All Kind Should be Avoided After Having Piercing in Bali

Besides gorgeous beaches, Bali is identical with swimming pools with lush gardens around. It’s even one of villa and hotel staple! It’s hard to imagine Bali holiday without swimming. But if you have piercing, it’s a must. Keep away from swimming pools, lakes, sea, ponds, and other open bodies of water until your skin is completely healed. If your are getting earlobes or cartilage piercing, you might only wait for a few weeks for the skin to heal. But if you have navel, face, or nipple piercing, you need to skip the beach for good six months and more. It might sounds disheartening, but piercing is really worth the wait!

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Consider the Use of Bandages 

Piercing prices in Bali is not that cheap, and you definitely don’t want to ruin it with nasty infection. However, if you really cannot wait for your piercing Bali healed to hit the beach, consider to wear waterproof bandage! This bandage will keep your piercing wounds dry and clean, while keeping the bacteria out. Stay away from swimming, surfing, or snorkelling. Prolonged session on seawater could widen the chance of infection, so stay put from the risk. If you can’t resist the temptation of playing on the beach, keep it on the shoreline. Playing with the waves should be enough, isn’t it? Also, be careful with the sands. You don’t want to lie on the sandy shores and getting grains of sands to your new piercing area. 

Building Credibility for Your Small Business

No matter what business you manage, you need to display credibility and honesty so you gain trust from customers, clients, business partners, etc. Credibility is business is more like respect which means it has to be earned. However, keep in mind that building trust is not something you can achieve overnight.

How to build the credibility for small business

It takes time build strong foundation then change it into consistency, and grow it into reputation based on credibility. Building credibility is a must if you want your business to keep growing in the long run.

How to build credibility for your small business

To be successful with the business you are going to run, you should understand that it is not something to achieve single-handedly by one person.

There are many factors you need to take into consideration to truly achieve the success you aim from the start. Your small business doesn’t depend only on your finance but also how the customers responds to your products or services.

Thus, earning their trust by creating credible company and brand is a must. And you can really get it with some useful tips you may have not been applied before.

First thing first, you need to improve your communication skills. You need to analyse how you communicate with others. Then. Find something that you think won’t lead you to effective communication. Once you find them, fix them immediately.

Through effective communication, you will make your audience understand what makes you stand out from others. You need to introduce your brand both personal and business through effective marketing activities.

Instead of keep talking of what to do and what the right things to do, it is better to practice what you preach. You need to practice how to run your business you think is the best ways.

It also means you need to be honest with yourself as well as with others. Credibility cannot be earned without trust and trust is prone to honesty. Thus, they related to each other and to build them effectively, make sure to do what you say.

You have to see the value of your products and services objectively. You have to deliver what the audience need. It is challenging to stay objective about what your business offers to the audience.

Thus, you need to work it out with your trusted team so you can stay objective. It is also highly recommended to stay in your expertise. There are things you don’t know and you must admit it. However, you need to be eager to improve yourself so your credibility will be shown through your eagerness and passion.

Credibility is built because you need to earn trust from your audience. Thus, you need to involve others to truly create and establish your credibility. You need to ask your audience such as customers to give you feedback.

Collect and share their opinions and testimonials and use them to improve yourself and business. Your audience is also important to help you boosting credibility. One of the most powerful and useful tools is social media and digital marketing. Make sure to build consistent credibility both online and off.

Why Company’s Web Developers Should Know Digital Marketing?

Being a web developer is actually a hard work just like any other field of works. But to be honest, seeing the monitor screen all day long and even in the night is truly exhausting. Not to mention that coding itself need knowledge, experiences, logical and critical thinking and many more. But no matter how hard the works are, your company’s web developers have been getting used to all of it. Even, you can try to challenge them with the digital marketing stuffs.

The main question about the website development and digital marketing field is, how both are even related to one another? Because the answer is actually a big ‘NO.’ So, why I am bothering myself writing about this if both fields aren’t even related?

Company's web developers should know about digital marketing

In fact, it is not necessarily needed that your company’s web developers should know about the digital marketing. But, if you are trying to let them know, there will be more benefits your company will get.

The topic I am talking about is actually simple, it is about combining the coding skills with the digital marketing skills. If you are the web developer, then I am sure that your future will really bright and if you are working in a company now, you can be a favourite employee of all times. You can really be the valuable asset the company has.

Web developer and digital marketing skill are vital for a company or business

Many of digital marketers are using the good designed and developed website to run their online business. It is good for the user experience when navigating around in your site, helpful in introducing and building the business brand, makes it as the sales funnel and more. Sadly, they will need to spend money on design and development aspects of the site because many of them are actually not knowing how to code. No matter how easy the CMS and its page builders are, they still need the web developers.

Now, what if the company’s web developers themselves are encouraged to learn the new thing which is how to run an online business? Selling products or offering services may not a talent for everyone, but there is one important thing you have to realise. It is about we have been experiencing to buy and sell or make transaction since we were a kids.

Still, it is not a guarantee that each of web developers will be good in digital marketing. But I think, that’s where the company’s training is for. They need to be trained about it.

The main reason why I am suggesting this idea is because many of us at least have some of the skills. You may are the web developer in big company but who would have guessed that you are also a gardening fanatic where there are much things you are knowing about it and you do really know how to gardening. Plus some other skills and knowledge you are mastering as well.

So, being the company’s web developers that are mastering the digital marketing as well shouldn’t be a problem. The only limitation is the passion. If one of the fields is not really your thing, then don’t but if you are interesting into them, you are stepping into the better employee the company will get.

Important things what the digital marketing entails

Before you are going any further to decide that you are agree with the web developers being the digital marketers, there are important things you have to know about what you have to learn about. And for short, here are some of them;

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is about how your company website will be the number one on Google and other search engines for certain keywords that are related to the business offers in the main site.
  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In short, this will let you know about how to put ads on Google and how to optimise your ads budget and getting targeted customers.
  3. Social Media Management; Content production, engagement, social media ads.
  4. Email Marketing; You should have known what it is.
  5. Conversion Rate; how all of the above strategies and the others that have not been mentioned are helping your company to get more customers. Which strategy is worked and is not and which should be optimised.

All of them are actually have been familiar for the web developers, they just never intend to heard more information. The interesting thing related to the digital marketing skills you have to master, you don’t have to know them all. Simply defines one strategy on above and see how it works. You will then learn the others step by steps without need to leave your web development skills at all.

As a company, it is seriously recommended for their web developers to be introduced to the digital marketing world because they have been master the necessary skill (coding). Many may are mastering how to run business on internet, but there are less of them have the skills in coding a web.

Doing this will also means that you don’t even need to hire the web developer or digital marketing agency even though it is always considerably important. But at least, your company will have more point of view before making a collaboration with an agency.

But to be honest, if you think that hiring the web developer Bali along with the digital marketing agency is what your company will need, then feel free to think about what to consider about.

2019 Small Business Ideas

It will not be too late for anyone to start their own business because it is actually one of the greatest benefits which people can find by running a business. They can start it anytime but they have to make sure that they choose the right business to run. In this circumstance, they need to know the profitable opportunity of business they should choose. There must be so many options of business opportunities to choose but here are some great 2019 small business ideas which can be their first step to run a kingdom.

Food Trucks

2019 Small Business Ideas Food Trucks

Food trucks are not a strange concept for many people. We can make sure that there are many of them who have ever bought fast food from the truck. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they can only sell burgers, hot dogs, and fries on the food truck. In fact, selling healthy and delicious foods can also be done using food trucks. This is a great opportunity which should not be missed. People can find a successful food truck which is serving vegetarian foods which are made from the best ingredients. There is nothing wrong to bring more crowds to this market after all.

Facilities Support Services

When people are talking about the facilities support service, it means that it will involve any kind of facilities service for business. It will be associated with the moving, painting, security, cleaning, and maintenance of the building. One thing for sure, people can find that there is still a growing opportunity for the business in the future. That is why people should not get confused and choose this option as the 2019 small business ideas. This must be a great choice for people who have a background in construction or maintenance. It is also great for them who have great organizational skill.

Gourmet Coffee

There is no doubt that people can find a huge love for coffee in the world. People love to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee so it might be the right time to use this idea for their business. They can run an independent coffee shop which serves various kinds of coffee. Some people think that it will be hard to compete with the chain business in the coffee shop such as Starbucks but they really have to think again about this. There are more and more coffee shops which are opened in the small towns and it is filled with the customers. Nevertheless, there are some factors which must be considered for making the coffee shop successful for sure.

Senior Care Services

If people are looking for the best business opportunities in 2019, there is no doubt that they should include the senior care services in the list. The reason why this business opportunity can be profitable the most is because of the demographics. The generation of baby boomers will be seniors by 2030 which means that there will be so many seniors in the population. With the fact that they are pretty wealthy, they will not mind spending money on senior care services. This is surely a great choice of 2019 small business ideas.